ASIL KROM EVYE SAN VE TIC. A.S. established in the year 2000. The company became one of the leading stainless steel coil supplier delivering in a short period of time. Contributing in national economy by importing steel coil raw-material of high quality in international standards with competitive prices from France, Brazil, Taiwan, and China etc. The stainless steel coil raw-material can be used in a very wide field in economy hence demands are increasing day by day. ASIL KROM EVYE SAN VE TIC. A.S. starts producing STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN SINK with advantage of supplying high quality steel coil with competitive price and delivering in short period of time. While producing high quality products with competitive prices, It has become one of the leading stainless steel kitchen sink producer growing rapidly. We are based in Istanbul and producing in 15.000 m2 close, 15.000 m2 open space. On the other hand exporting to more than 35 different countries all over the World, we are increasing the number of customer every day. Customer satisfaction is prior in our policy. Our company is one of the rare companies producing STAINLESS STEEL KITCHEN SINK for most of the countries in the World in international standards. We have wide sink range, increasing quality daily and offer fast delivery good service with experienced workers. Following the improvements in the sector, investing on recent technology, machine and equipment ASIL KROM EVYE SAN VE TIC. A.S. is planning future investment and capacity. Nevertheless, we are proud of operating in a friendly environment.

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